On 11/22/09, two friends set out to take a photo a day every day for a year two years three years four years. 11/22/09 was an auspicious starting point: Ryan’s birthday, and Rena’s final day as a Boston resident. Also, 11 and 22 are awesome numbers, so there’s that.

Ryan lasted more than a year, then moved on to work on a feature length documentary film, Bending Steel. Check it out at a film festival near you!  On a whim Rena reached out to an old friend Counsel to keep her accountable… Counsel graciously agreed to step in, and the project continues!

Sometimes one of us takes a bit (ok, so we’ve gone weeks at a time) to catch up with posting. We work, travel, and have families and friends… we live. We’re taking photos, though, and we’ll catch up.

There are a lot of 365 projects out there, many better or worse; this is our conversation.

15 Responses to “About”

  1. Hello. I’m enjoying your images much. Luck to both of you.

  2. McLaren Says:

    Thanks for this.

  3. Eric Says:

    i love how you express yourself. you make me smile rena.

  4. Mando Says:

    Metafilter bought me to your site and its fabulous. Im loving all the pictures you guys have taken. Its a real inspiration. Im moving to another city soon and its given me an idea for a snapshot of my new life for my family ..Thank u..Have you thought of what you might do next as this project is nearly at an end?

    • R Says:

      Thanks so much for saying so, Mando. It has been a learning experience for us – it’s hard to take a photo every day, even when you don’t feel like it! It’s also hard to have to post and look back on images that you weren’t satisfied with! It has been really rewarding to stick with it, though, and roller coaster though it is, we’re loving it. We’re going for a second year.

      As Ferris Bueller reminded us, life moves pretty fast. Having the documentation to trigger memories of what you did each day is pretty incredible; I highly suggest that you embark on your own photo a day project. Your family will love it!

  5. Hey, guys — love your project, and can’t believe you’re almost finished! I’m just two months into mind, trying to do One Good Deed a day for a year. Happily, it’s been bought as a book, but it’s inspiring to see how you guys have soldiered on through the year. I’ve just found you, but congrats. I’ll stick with you until 11/22, and then see what happens!

    Check out my project — photos aren’t as great (or are frequent!) as yours, on http://www.onegooddeedbook.com

    Thanks for the inspiration.


    • R Says:

      That sounds like a great exercise, thanks for sharing. I’ve only had a chance to look at a couple of the entries on your blog, but I really like the wrap-up/lesson lines at the end of each. I look forward to reading more of them.

      Have you ever heard of This I Believe? Your blog reminded me of an episode that left a particular impact on me (perhaps because I heard it right after attending the funeral for a new coworker’s husband): Always Go to the Funeral.

      While I’m at it, one of my very favorite StoryCorps episodes is also related to good deeds: Judge Olly Neal and his daughter Karama.

      If you ever find yourself at a loss in your project, spend a little time listening to either of those projects… I find them to be remarkable.

      Good luck! And, we plan to go for 730.

  6. gadoo Says:

    I love your site. I check it frequently. I also came across it via metafilter.com. You are both extraordinary photographers and your accompanying titles are always intriguing. One of my favorites is Oct. 3 by Rena – the line on the computer about silence. A job well done indeed!

    • R Says:

      Kind words appreciated… glad you’re sticking with us! One of my favorite things about all of this is going back through sometimes and remembering. I’ll have to swing back by Oct. 3, for I’m forgetting the quote at the moment. Thanks.

      (edit: Good thing I went back. I had never attributed that quote to Rumi like I should have, so this gave me a chance to make the note in my comment.)

  7. am487 Says:

    I don’t know how I stumbled to this location on the internet but I like your photos.

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