1261/365: recovery

Sunday, May 5, 2013

what i need to do most is nothing

what i need to do most is nothing


doing less to do it well

6 Responses to “1261/365: recovery”

  1. msdixon Says:

    I love these chips too! Glad they came in handy. :)

    • R Says:

      It is beyond me why other bags of chips were eaten first (people must not be familiar with their satisfying thin crispiness); I snatched these up from the remains and took them home. I felt a little guilty ending up with most of the bag that you brought, but I didn’t get much of anything on Saturday night, so I was really delighted to sit still and eat them on Sunday.

  2. R Says:

    counsel, what do you think, synchronicity, or is recovery necessarily about doing less so no?

  3. agreed, let’s do that. i really love having you for accountability.

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