827/365: skeuomorphic

Sunday, February 26, 2012


they look like pockets, but they aren't useful like pockets. :(


when light was candles there were drippings for me to catch

3 Responses to “827/365: skeuomorphic”

  1. R Says:

    uh-oh. counsel, do you think this counts? i’m rereading the definition and now i’m thinking that pockets weren’t “necessary” to the original, just part of it. crap.

    • this totally counts. the first jeans wearers wanted pockets. maybe not necessary in the keeps-us-breathing or the keeps-the-roof-from-caving-in sort of way, but still needed and the form those stitches took were once necessary to the function of the useful and sturdy pocket. having those stitches there now is so comfortable and familiar, but really pretty random if you remove the history of why we are used to seeing them.

  2. R Says:

    funny, i kept looking around my house for skeuomorphs, and i kept looking up at the bulbs overhead that are shaped all pointy like candle flames, but i didn’t think that was quite it. yours is great.

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