729/365: acceptance

Sunday, November 20, 2011


strength in acceptance. on a community level and a personal one *(see note in comments)


please, please let horror turn to resolve

One Response to “729/365: acceptance”

  1. * NOTE: this was tough for me to share. my relationship with religion is uneasy at best. i do not want to pass on my issues to my kids. i try to accept the influences of religion that they naturally come into contact with, so that they might make their own choices about how, and if, it has any role in their lives. as avid little musicians they have loved the opportunity to sing in a free children’s choir that their delightful piano teacher leads. what i didn’t realize, though should have been obvious, was that this would mean occasional singing at services. today happened to be an interfaith Thanksgiving service that was very much about “strength in acceptance” of each other. and, bam, there it is acceptance on a community level and a personal one all in one go.

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