Tuesday, March 2, 2010


history 101: generations at war.


the commute

5 Responses to “101/365”

  1. Honey T Says:

    Ryan, AWE-SOME pics! Am so into what you’re doing visually- don’t want you to think I am just into Rena’s pics.;P

  2. R Says:

    have you guys ever met each other?

  3. hmskillick Says:

    I know, “T” was kind of informal but I didn’t want to use her real name. And yeah, fashion brunch, and one other brunch down in the Slope area with grits and a cute waitress.

  4. R Says:

    oh yeah, i always forget about fashion brunch. we just missed another one in december.

    i don’t remember grits & a cute waitress. the grits must not have been amazing.

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