Friday, January 1, 2010




new year

2 Responses to “041/365”

  1. .cimpher. Says:

    .i look so bummed out for the new year.
    .funny though, this is how i feel about it.
    .it wasnt until the 30 rock marathon and pizza that things started to turn around.
    .to the future.

    • R Says:

      i thought about that. history won’t show that you were actually rubbing your eyes and i made you hold still in the pose ’til i got my camera. actually, it’s a little scary to consider how much of history isn’t really what we think, because it’s told with an agenda or from a weird point of view, or it is captured by a jerk like me who likes to manipulate reality.

      .to the future. (extended microwave beep)

      p.s. when are you moving to ny? i’m the decider!

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